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Five Elements - audio-visual interactive installation 

I designed an audio/sound installation to express the philosophy idea of Chinese Five-Elements (Wuxing): the universe consists of five elements (gold, wood, water, fire, and earth), and they mutually reinforce and neutralize each other to reach the state of balance.

V-Lectronic : visual gesture midi-controller and instrument 

V-Lectronic I designed is a visual gesture controller and instrument. During the performance, it can finish quick mix and match procedure with pre-recorded instrument parts from different genres of electronic dance music, and rebuild a new “genre” or a new “song” in multiple possibilities. In the meantime, all the parameters are controlled by hand gestures. It is a mini DJ controller without any knob or fader.

An excerpt from independent film, Songe: film music

Directed by: Telma Stumpf, Mathilde Delcambre, Maève Bulet, Justine Boscher Composer/Music Producer: Anruo Cheng Female Vocal: Jiarui (Sherry) Yao

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