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Anruo Cheng

Music Composer. Producer. Educator.

        Anruo Cheng, born in China, is a New York-based composer, educator, music producer, and electronic musician. In her role as a music producer, Cheng produced the album, SCI (Society of Composers, Inc.) Super Regional Mixtape, 2023-2024. Demonstrating her influence in the contemporary music field, she has served as an adjudicator and jury member for prominent events such as the SEAMUS (Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States) Conference, and SCI Mixtape.


         Currently, Cheng holds the position of music technology specialist for VoxNovus' COMPOSER'S VOICE Concert Series. Previously, she worked as a composition lecturer at the FROST SCHOOL OF MUSIC, University of Miami, teaching courses in music theory, music analysis, and electronic music ensemble. Cheng earned her Doctoral degree in Music Composition and a Master's degree in Media Writing and Production from the University of Miami.


        She studied composition with Charles Mason, Dorothy Hindman, Juraj Kojs, Melinda Wagner, and Christopher Theofanidis. And she studied film scoring and music production with Chris Boardman and Carlos Rafael Rivera.Her doctoral project focuses on data mining from non-musical material and application into the acoustic instrumental composition. The non-musical material is related to the sonification technique and astronomical data from NASA. ASPEN COMPOSER'S CONFERENCE recently invited her to give a presentation about her Doctoral research.

        Cheng is a prize-winning composer whose works have been performed and released worldwide, for example, in the US, China, UK, and South Korea. She is also an electronic music performer who performed her music installation and electronic instrument work in various electronic music festivals. Her music fields vary, including contemporary acoustic music, electroacoustic music, electronic instruments/installations design, popular music, and film music. Cheng's most recent piano work Reflections, is featured in the “MUTED” project by established pianist Eunmi Ko and NEW MUSIC USA, 2024. Her electroacoustic work "Moju" is selected to be performed at NYCEMF (New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival), 2023. Her interactive multi-media electronic instrument performance, "five-Elements," was featured at the N_SEME FESTIVAL. Her composition "Is This you, for soprano, piano, and cello" won the AURAL COMPASS PROJECTS COMPETITION. Her solo flute piece, "Three Miniature Paintings," was selected by the NYC CONTEMPORARY MUSIC SYMPOSIUM CONCERT. Her composition, "Raise One More Toast" (for Chinese instrument Guqin, electronic, and Baritone), was performed by Andrew White at the FIFTEEN-MINUTES-OF-FAME concert.


        Additionally, many other works of hers were released by RMN Records, UK, and EMII Enterprise, US. Cheng's expertise lies in modern world music composition, sound design for electroacoustic music, music coding, contemporary music analysis, piano, and EDM production. Her recent single hip-hop song, "Triple Three," featured hip-hop artist Gee Smiff, which was released in 2023. Cheng's diverse musical background and cultural background are the creation sources that continually enable her to mix and match multiple genres and new ideas into her compositions.

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